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In the Media & Entertainment industry, QC refers to a complete evaluation of content: all technical, structural and creative specs are checked, and rejectable issues are noted, itemized and provided in the form of a QC report to the client. At Press Play, our specialties include:

Master QC

  • Scripted Dramas / Comedies

  • Feature Films

  • Non-fiction series & Documentaries

on-site qc

  • qc at client's facility

3rd party master qc

  • double checking QC from primary vendor

watch-down verification/ update qc

  • single pass verification / fixes of an already QC’d file or tape plus a watch down

dcp/ imf qc

  • master QC of high-res master in theater or HDR monitor

audio qc

  • 5.1, M&E & Stems

captioning qc

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